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      Living Room Series

      Use of the match, to create a comfortable living environment, to create a warm home

      Kitchen series

      High-quality damping hinges, 18mm thick plate, ease of use to make your kitchen life

      Book Room series

      To change the traditional layout, effective use of limited space, to achieve "a multi-purpose room" feature

      Bedroom series

      Take the clothes not only to "convenience" also depends on "capacity" your bedroom as you will

      About Us
      "Oulaite" from Europe modern industry developed hardware Kingdom - Germany, is one of Germany's Kerry Group's main brands of home. Germany Kerry is a professional fashion home appliances research and development, has first-class professional and technical personnel, always put the product's core components - hardware as part of our quality lifeline. We uphold the purpose of creating a comfortable home for the consumer, the user-friendly design to lead the trend of home German nobility.

      Contact Us

      Address: Guangzhou Baiyun District Ishii Tang Kok Road No.22 Third Industrial Zone A3
      Phone: 020-36506302 020-26294698
      Fax: 020-26290996
      Postal Code: 510000
      E-mail: 137842157@qq.com


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